Housekeeping: on moving ‘Balkan Scrapbook’, and establishing this as a blog for other things

(1) I have decided to move my Balkan Scrapbook blog, where I collect together newspaper articles, magazine clippings, photographs, films and other material relating to the break-up of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to its own site. I will be updating it more regularly, and hopefully turning it into a useful resource for material that otherwise would be harder to come by. Taking my name out of the address will also – I hope – add a little gravitas.

The Balkan Scrapbook blog (please note that I have chosen ‘Balkan’ over ‘Balkans’ to make it easier to type the URL) is up and running, with all the material (including user comments) that was previously here, at:

Please feel free to comment on posts there, to suggest material for inclusion, or to correct any errors you have noticed – find out the best way to get in touch with me on the ‘About’ page. I will try and get in touch with all the individuals who have already commented on various posts to let them know about the migration.

(2) This blog, on the other hand, will be a holding pen for my various other interests and projects, including material relating to Freedom of Information requests.

Again, do let me know if I have made any bloopers, or if you have ideas for future posts.

Many thanks,


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