The 1994 Hyde Park anti-CJB demo, Metropolitan Police response, Kendrick Report and the formation of the Forward Intelligence Teams

My Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police Service for the ‘Kendrick Report’ – or more formally the ‘De-Brief Report into the Disorder in Hyde Park and Park Lane on Sunday 9th October 1994’ – has been fulfilled.

Written by Commander David Kendrick in December 1994, it was a critical internal examination of the police preparedness and response to a large anti-Criminal Justice Bill (CJB, later CJA) protest. It was the Hyde Park CJB demo which saw Peterloo-style cavalry charges by mounted police though a leafy London green space, and the dispersion of an angry crowd through some of the city’s more high end streets (with hilarious results).

The Kendrick Report’s recommendations led to the establishment of the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) model of harassment policing, in which cadres of intelligence-gathering officers were recruited to personally engage with, follow and intimidate those considered organisers of protest.

I attach a PDF of the full document (which has been redacted) below.

» Kendrick Report (redacted)

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